Original Content

Comics and Graphic novels have become one of the key drivers in the entertainment industry.  M2 's unique animation style is the ideal medium for the development and production of original concepts and stories. This approach provides a comparatively low cost, high return final product that, essentially, monetizes the traditional development process.  With the concept realized in animation, it serves as the perfect foundation from which to expand into additional media such as film, television, video games and more.

Coordinated Content

Working closely with the original content creators, we develops storylines that support and enhance the launch and distribution of film, TV and video game properties.  This coordinated strategy provides a richer tapestry of material for an audience to explore and lays the foundation for a wide range of additional multi-platform storytelling opportunities.

Franchise Expansion

By focusing on characters and/or storylines that may be secondary in the current incarnation of the material we add to the scope and depth of an overall story, character(s), concept and world.  This approach works wonderfully with a franchise at the height of it's popularity and can also help to resurrect a title that has lost some of it's past luster.

Video Game Story

We develop a unique visual style that perfectly compliments each games aesthetic.  Our animation process works beautifully with any illustration or design style and creates unique and engaging story content that enhances players' overall game experience.

Marketing and Promotion

By combining compelling story content with a unique visual style, we deliver your messaging in an entertaining package ripe with opportunity for viral explosion.



Traditional (Red/Blue) Anaglyph 3D looks great on every screen, from mobile device to giant flat screen.  This provides an enhancement to the viewing experience and up-sell / marketing opportunities for distribution.


Case Study



One of the first Transmedia efforts tied directly to content being developed for multiple platforms at once.  The series was distributed primarily via iTunes as part of the lead up to the release of the live action film.  This gave existing fans a faithful translation of the source material while exposing non-comics readers to the celebrated graphic novel. 


  • Produced for $1.5M
  • Episodes distributed digitally via iTunes over 8 months
  • Averaged over 2.9M viewers per episode
  • Grossed over $5M in just 9 months
  • Grossed an additional $1.1M on DVD in first week